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Your website - it’s not just a website. It’s your brand and you’ve got tens or hundreds of people using that brand. How do you control it to make sure it’s being used consistently?

If each of your franchisees has their own website what control do you have – what’s to stop them promoting their services in other franchisee’s areas? If you don’t give them one, they’ll just create their own anyway and you’ll have even less control.

You need a website which can provide the features all your franchisees need to promote their business whilst remaining under control of the franchisor. You need to be able to control what they can and cannot put on their site.

With a single site eCommerce becomes more consistent – you can ensure that your goods and services are being offered at the correct price and all online orders will come through to one place, rather than dotted through a number of different franchisee sites.

You want to be able to control how the leads are handled. Should they come to the head office or directly to the appropriate franchisee? In the latter case you will also want to be able to report on how many leads went to the franchisee.


  • eCommerce
  • Enquiries Management - automated routing to correct franchise Territory
  • Location Finders
  • Franchisee Mini Sites - Each franchisee has their own website
  • Customer Secure Pages
  • News
  • Google Analytics
  • SEO Tools
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