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Job Management

Scheduling and managing jobs can be a real problem for many franchise networks, especially when franchisees run a number of technicians.

The Webchise Job module allows franchisees to view and manage the job schedules of their technicians. Jobs can be dragged and dropped onto the schedules and technicians are automatically notified when new jobs are allocated to them, or changes made to existing jobs.

As the jobs change status (e.g. booked, travelling, onsite, etc), their colour will change on the schedule so you can immediately see what stage each job is in.

Once the job is completed, it can be invoiced at a click of a button with no further information required.

National Accounts can be easily managed within Webchise, including special billing arrangements, for example some National accounts may be billed centrally and some directly.

Out of Hours job management is also handled, with any jobs arriving out of normal hours automatically allocated to the on call technician.

Webchise Job Management module can also be integrated with organisations which supply jobs to you, e.g Homeserve, etc, so that jobs are automatically received by the franchisee, but more importantly all the required information is fed back to the National Account at the correct time, so that you know nothing is being missed.


  • Easily Create and Edit Jobs
  • Drag & Drop Scheduling
  • Easy Invoicing
  • Out of Hours Management
  • National Account Management
  • Integration to Major Job Providers.


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