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Automated Service Fee (MSF) management

Webchise Online Finance and Book-keeping

Webchise’s combined finance module gives you the best of both worlds providing a straight forward bookkeeping package for your franchisees together with full automated MSF and Royalty management for you.

This is the only accounting package that is specifically designed for the UK Franchising sector.

Because Webchise is a hosted application, you have full visibility of your franchisees’ data, so whenever you need to know something, that information is to hand. You no longer have to wait for them to send information to you.

The Webchise Finance module is fully integrated, so invoices can be created directly from quotes, jobs and online purchasing.

Franchisee accounts are usually straightforward and we also have to consider the capabilities of the franchisee too. 

Sage and Quickbooks are two accounting packages which are used commonly within small businesses, however these are overly complex for many franchisees and, more importantly for you, suffer from the drawback that the franchisee has full control of the financial data and you have very limited visibility of it. The data is also at risk – is the franchisee backing up correctly, or if they go – will they take the data with them?

Again a single hosted finance system is what you’re looking for. All the data is managed centrally so you can ensure it is secure and each franchisee only has access to their own financial information.

To make things easier for the franchisees wouldn’t it be nice if when quotes are accepted and invoices are raised, the quotes raised in the CRM system are converted into invoices in the Accounts. It’s this sort of integration which turns a bunch of separate applications into a Franchise Management System.

But because it is in a single system, you have full visibility of every franchise and obtain proper Management Information when you need it – not when the franchisee decides to send it in (if they do of course).

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