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Franchisee Recruitment

Webchise CRM systems have a number of features to help support and track your franchisee recruitment process and, as always, will be customised to support your process, including terminology and different recruitment stages.

Key featuresare:

  1. Automated import of enquiries from your own website
  2. Automated import of enquiry emails from third party franchise recruitment websites. Each email is parsed and converted into a lead record, ensuring all details are captured as entered and notifications sent out.
  3. Trickle Email Campaigns, to drip feed a series of emails to enquirers  whilst they are in the early stages, to ensure they are contacted regularly.
  4. Customised reporting to ensure the recruitment process is running effectively.

The Franchisee Recruitment module can be used standalone, or within a fully featured Webchise system, so it you would like to know more, please call us on 02016 233840, or contact us here

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