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Streamlined management of Classes, Pupils
and Registers

Webchise for Activity Based Franchises

Running an activity based franchise network has its own special challenges. Luckily there is a special version of Webchise tailored specifically for you.

Webchise allows you and your franchisees to set up and manage Terms, Venue, Classes and Registers, together with holding all the information you need about Parents and their Children. Even certificate printing is available.

Once classes are setup with Webchise, they can then be made available for Online booking either via a Webchise Website, or via your existing website. Parents can log on, manage their information and book their children onto classes and pay for them via credit card.

Payments for classes can be captured and automatically reflected both on the registers, but also immediately in the franchisee’s book keeping system, helping them keep their accounts up to date.

Compliance information on franchisees and anyone they use to deliver the sessions, such as CRB check, first aid qualifications, etc can be captured and monitored.

A mobile option is available to capture attendance at each session.

You then have full view of the franchisees Classes and overall activity.

There are also automated marketing options available, for example emails or SMS text messages automatically sent to parents of children with birthdays coming up, to promote Birthday Parties or other up-selling opportunities.

Everything the franchisee needs to run their business is here and that then means that all the information about your franchise network is available to you.


  • Online Booking
  • Setup and Manage Terms and Classes
  • Term Renewal Management
  • Hold Parent and Child information
  • Print Registers and Manage Class Payments
  • SMS Messaging
  • Hold Compliance Information
  • Powerful Marketing Tools


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