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Webchise - Franchise Information Management Software

For many franchisors, clear visibility of their franchisees’ activities is very difficult, if not impossible. How useful would it be to be able to answer the following questions at a click of a button?

  • How many leads did a franchisee get this week?
  • How many leads have been converted this month?
  • What revenue has a franchisee booked so far this month? 
  • What Royalties or MSF is due to me?

Without access to information about the franchisees’ activities, it is very difficult to manage your network effectively – because you don’t have all the information.

Webchise is a revolutionary system which allows you to see this information, whilst (and this is most important) providing tools that make life easier for your franchisees so that they want to use the system – and hence provide the information you need.

Its modular nature means that Webchise implementations are very cost effective, because you are not paying for the parts of a system that you are not using.

Call us now on 01206 233840 to find out how Webchise can put you in control.

Webchise Modules Include:

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