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Job and Van Based Franchises

One of the larger sectors within franchising, job and van based franchises are similar to service sector (and many are indeed are service providers) but with special requirements to track jobs and allow operatives to manage their work on the road.

Whilst on the road operatives need to be able to see their current list of jobs/visits and update them on the move. Capturing customer feedback, such as acceptance signatures is also important as well as providing customers with the visit documentation, either by email or printing on mobile printers.

When money is being collected, you can record that fact and Webchise will it is properly allocated to the job and any invoices raised.

Drag and drop scheduling allows the office to easily see the current workload and allocate the jobs to operatives. Operative are notified by email, or SMS if you prefer, when jobs are allocated or appointments moved.

Webchise has the ability to receive jobs over EDI interfaces from organisations, such as Homeserve, to help speed job deployment and ultimately payment

Out of hours work is also catered for, with jobs received in these periods being automatically deployed to the call out operative.

Contracts for regular visits can be set up, so that you do not have to worry about scheduling the regular visits.

Validation is incorporated into the mobile applications to ensure operatives have to capture all the required information before they can close a job and move to the next one.

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