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Children's Activity Franchises

Activity based franchises have a number of specific requirements which are addressed in a special version of Webchise for this sector.

Whilst the majority of these are aimed at children, there are other activity based franchises aimed at different markets, such as Business Mentoring and Adult education.

The system contains section to manage the courses/classes including register management, managing payments (so you know who has paid and who hasn't) and in some cases progression management to predict grades/certificates next term.

To help build revenue for the franchisees, there are term renewal mechanisms to help boost the number of people who renew term to term as well as automatic marketing for other up-sell items, such as emails to promote birthday parties send out as a child's birthday approaches.

Online booking systems allow people to register, book and pay for courses automatically and these are also integrated with the term renewals to make it easier for people to renew their subscription.

We have also negotiated a special deal with an eCommerce Payment Gateway to give you a better deal on your online transactions, as well as having visibility of all your franchisees gateway accounts too. For more information about the payment gateway, please click here.

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