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Azura Group were created in 1990 and in the early days were a bespoke software house for corporate clients in the utilities, finance and defence sectors, with a heavy emphasis on mobile workforce applications.

We embraced web technologies as they developed in the 2000's because they offered a solution to many of the issues deploying software upgrades to large scale workforces and from there our web based applications have become more and more sophisticated.

We started working with franchise networks in 2007 and the first version of Webchise was deployed to the first customer later that year.

The success of Webchise meant that franchising was the fastest sector of growth for Azura for a number of years and have now worked with over 40 franchise networks.

Because of that success and the growth of Webchise, we took the decision in 2012 that going forwards Azura would only focus on the franchise market as it was now the major part of Azura's business.

Azura offer free no-obligation reviews to franchise networks to help you make the best use of the information within your network, so if you would like to know more please contact us here.

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