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Managing National Accounts

16th Apr 2013

In many networks National Accounts are a key source of additional and regular revenue for our franchisees.

Whilst the additional revenue is welcome, they often bring a large increase in administration. Common additional overheads are:

  • Single point of contact to deploy jobs
  • Consolidated invoices across all territories
  • Performance metrics across all territories
  • Out of hours Management

Managing this manually is very difficult and imparts a large workload onto your staff.

There are, however, franchise management systems which can manage national accounts for you. Jobs can be deployed from a single portal to the correct territory (and even manage out of hours deployments if required). Direct EDI integrations (from companies such as Homeserve) mean that jobs can be deployed, fulfilled and invoiced without any calls or paperwork between the National Account and Network.

These systems can handle consolidated invoicing, or invoicing direct from the franchisee and special MSF rules for each national account (because often the margins are tighter, so special rates are required).

Performance metrics can be generated easily, because all the information is in one place and used to ensure that the National Accounts KPI’s are being met.

If your network has National Accounts (or is looking to acquire them), look for a franchise system that is geared to managing them. It will vastly reduce your administration workload and allow you to concentrate on ensure they receive the service they are expecting.

To find out more about National Accounts and ways to streamline their management, please call us on 01206 233840, or contact us here

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