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20th Dec 2013

Webchise’s quote module will aid the creation of quotes within your network. It will allow franchisees to create quotes more quickly (improving their productivity) while, at the same time, giving you more control over how they are produced, how they look and how they are followed up.

Straightforward quotes can be generating selecting the pre-defined products required and from there automatically creating a fully branded quote document to send to the prospect. This will ensure all quotes are sent out in a consistent format, correctly branded and with all the relevant supplementary information, such as the correct Terms and Conditions.

Other quotes can be more complicated to create and sometimes we may want to hide that complexity from the franchisees, both from an ease of use perspective, but also to help retain the intellectual property within the network.

For these, quote wizards are generally used. These will capture the information required in a user friendly way, guiding them through the process ensuring that nothing is missed. From there we can perform the calculations required to generate the quote the prospect will receive.

Examples could include:

  • Generating return on investment figures for Renewal Energy quotes based on the installation and current Feed in Tariff rates
  • Calculating staffing requirements for large cleaning contracts and equipment costs based on the site information provided.

Variations in a franchisee’s mark up rate, or indeed product rates, can be accommodated.

Webchise’s workflow system allows us to create the follow up activities, such as follow-up calls to ensure that the quote is progressed correctly.

Obviously you will be able to see the franchisee’s quote activity to ensure they are generating enough quotes and they ones that they have created are being progressed.

When the quote is converted to a sale, Webchise can be used to create invoices based on the quote, or create contracts to ensure the service is delivered correctly.

Using Webchise’s quote module will allow your franchisees to speedily create and manage their quotes, giving you full control over their presentation and content, together with full visibility over their activities.

If this sounds like it could benefit your network, please contact us here.

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