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Monitoring Customer Satisfaction

23rd Oct 2013

We always like to know how our customers see the service give by our franchise network.

Obtain that information can be problematic though. Usually it’s collected via the franchisees, but are they passing all the results through or are they being filtered before we see them?

Ideally we’d like to send out the survey requests centrally, where the results are also returned and collated, but that can mean a lot of extra work for the franchise support staff.

Thankfully, this can all be automated using Webchise.

At certain trigger points within the franchise process, e.g. when a job is completed, a sale made or a party held, Webchise can send the customer a survey request email, which is then completed online. The survey results are automatically attached to the item being surveyed (the job, party, etc).

If quantative results are used, it can be automatically scored and then compared with the rest of the franchise network.

Webchise can also send reminders if the survey isn’t completed.

Reports will then show you how franchisees are performing and we can also send a direct notification if a survey response is particularly poor.

Using Webchise allows you to obtain true survey results across your network with little additional effort from your support staff and ensure and customers are receiving the standard of service you want them to receive.

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