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09th Sep 2013

Many franchisees are not as effective in the lead generation and sales process as we would like. We need to be able to reliably track their activity, but this can be hard if the right systems are not available.

Online systems, such as Webchise, can provide these tools. Whether it’s Webchise or another online sales system (usually CRM, or Customer Relationship Management), they should be customised to fully support your sales process, making it easier for franchisees to perform their activities and improve their sales. Importantly though, Webchise will allow you to track and monitor their activities and compare it to the other franchisees. This will show where they are doing well (which can be shared with the rest of the network) and where they are not performing as they should.

Webchise will allow you to automate many parts of the sales process, such as:

  • Automated Lead allocation – sending enquiries directly to the correct franchisee (tracked by you, of course)
  • Auto responders – Automated response emails, sometimes linked to follow on capture forms. These are useful to gauge serious interest.
  • Trickle Email Campaigns – attach enquiries to email campaigns where they will receive a series of emails at pre-defined intervals.
  • Automated Marketing emails – Send out automated marketing emails to customers at key times

Of these, the last item can be the most powerful. Webchise can send automated emails at configured trigger points, such as an email promoting birthday parties to a parent whose child’s birthday is coming up, or emailing customers to let them know service or maintenance visits are due on their products.

So Webchise will being helping the franchisees generate sales without them having to do anything – which is always popular.

Using Webchise’s CRM module will allow you to streamline your sales process, allow franchisees to become productive, generate more sales, which of course means more MSF for you.

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